Noah Aron with brother Michael Aron

Entrepreneurial Leader

Noah is currently the guiding force behind Clio’s judicial initiatives, leading the development of innovative products and AI applications that improve the connection between firms and courts. Prior to Clio, he served as Chief Product Officer at both One Legal and Nationwide Legal, orchestrating significant digital transformations in the litigation support space. Noah has advised to industry leaders Tyler Technologies, Proof, Pacer Pro, and the National Center for State Courts.  Noah previously founded and sold his Chilean startup, Trovali, the first on-demand network for deliveries in Latin America. As an advisor, Noah has guided industry powerhouses like Tyler Technologies, Pacer Pro, and Proof, and has been instrumental in innovation initiatives with The National Center for State Courts. He is the founder of DoTheGlobe, SimpleCase, and Little Apple Ranch where he moonlights as an alpaca whisperer.

Business and Startup Portfolio

Im a product guy and I love solving problems and scaling products.  Whether it be tackling access to justice in the court system or finding more efficient ways of connecting travelers, Ive worked on a wide variety of unique projects.  In 2013, I began helping legal organizations scale their businesses and think about innovation in a new way.  I was immediately recognized by the National Center for State Courts as leader for innovation and have continued to focus on solving challenges for attorneys ever since.  I also dove headfirst into farming and agriculture when I started Little Apple Ranch in Northern California.  Working with Sheep, alpacas, cattle, goats, and emu provides daily lessons in patience as they see the world differently.  Being able to apply lessons from the farm is very useful when dealing with A-type execs, engineers, and VCs.


Lumix makes big data small using its technology to help attorneys cut down on their research and case preparation.  I led a rebrand and redesign of their site and platform.

Nationwide Legal is a national leader in attorney services and provides exceptional support and simplicity for attorneys and their teams.  Noah led the rebrand and platform development for NWL

Little Apple Ranch grew out of my love for animals and nature.  Based in Apple Hill, California, one of the most beautiful growing regions in the state, Im building a home for a wide variety of animals, plants, and trees

I built SimpleCase to simplify collection, preparation, and presentation of facts in legal proceedings.  Simple is a case facts timeline that will save attorneys and self represented litigants significant time and money and can even be used by judges to normalize facts in a case. I began development in September 2019 and am releasing it in early 2020

The Argonaut sits on historic ground in Coloma, Ca, where the great Gold Rush of 1849 started.  The cafe sits in the Marshall Gold Discovery State Park and serves healthy breakfast and lunch options as well as kick-ass gelato and Temple coffee.  Im a bit biased, but most visitors agree that it is the best healthy dining option in Gold Country and since much of the produce comes from our farm next door, it is a unique farm to table experience.

Bee Love Farms is my home away from home and it serves as a learning garden for many of California’s elementary students.  The farm has unique learning stations that teach visitors about the lifecycle of plants and animals.  In addition, much of the produce goes to supply the argonaut We do farm tours as well as farm dinners in the summer

One Legal is a court technology company that simplifies electronic filing of legal documents. Before taking over the position of Chief Product Officer, I was One Legal’s GM, running Product, Marketing, Engineering, and Sales

Startup Chile is an incubator based in Santiago that funded 2 of my projects, DoTheGlobe and Trovali.  I was later asked to become a judge and then advisor to the program as it expanded.