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The Land of Silver & Salt: Southern Bolivia

I haven't been to the moon yet, but of all the places I've seen, nothing reminds me of our crater-filled neighbor in the sky quite like the south of Bolivia.

Bolivia: Best Place to visit in 2018

This is the year to visit Bolivia- Heres why They have red lagoons and pink flamingos sitting under 6000 meter peaks La Paz is full of history and entertainment and

Annual Travel Maps

The memories from traveling are like none other.  Good or bad, the experiences of visiting destinations new and old have a profound impact that never leaves you. About 8 years ago, I was

Myanmar What to do, drink and eat

Myanmar is experiencing major growth, but the country is still wild and taking shape.  Burma Days are very much alive and the traditions formed under British rule can be

Chile: What To Do, Drink, and Eat

Chile: What To Do, Drink, and Eat Chile has got so much going on...and because its such a long country, it covers so many climates and cultures.  That means

Chile …Come Back for Seconds

My first visit to Chile was late February 2010.  I was on the back end of a round the world trip and filled with a combination of