State Court Integrations

Nearly a decade of leading complex integrations into dozens of state court systems across the US, Noah has developed a reputation as a catalyst for judicial change. Noah built the platforms for One Legal, Nationwide Legal, and ASAP Legal. He has advised to Tyler Technologies, US Legal Pro, First Legal, PacerPro, and the National Center for State Courts. Noah has been selected as a judge for Google’s Startup Weekend, CourtHack, Startup Chile, and was selected to help create the NCSC’s “Courts Disrupted Whitepaper”.

  • Texas Statewide
  • Illinois Statewide
  • Florida Statewide
  • LA Superior Court
  • San Francisco Superior
  • Orange County Superior Court
  • San Diego Superior Court
  • Tyler California Courts
  • Indiana Statewide
  • Tyler Technologies
  • Journal Technologies
  • Tybera

Aside from being one of the most influential product leaders in US courts, Noah builds tools and products to help level the playing field without representation. He has focused on numerous Access to Justice initiatives including building SimpleCase, a free evidence tool for Pro Se litigants