State Court Integrations

Noah Aron, a pioneer in the legal tech and judicial innovation space, has significantly influenced the industry long before his current tenure at Clio. With nearly a decade of experience leading complex integrations across various state court systems in the US, he has developed a reputation as a catalyst for judicial change. His strategic and technical prowess came to the forefront while building platforms for One Legal, Nationwide Legal, and ASAP Legal.

As a trusted advisor, Noah has shared his expertise with industry leaders like Tyler Technologies, US Legal Pro, First Legal, PacerPro, and the National Center for State Courts. His role in these organizations has been crucial in driving technological advancements and streamlining court processes. Noah’s impact extends across multiple jurisdictions, having contributed to statewide integrations in Texas, Illinois, Florida, and Indiana, and has made significant strides in major county courts like LA Superior, San Francisco Superior, Orange County Superior, and San Diego Superior Court.

At Clio, Noah continues to lead judicial initiatives, introducing innovative products and AI applications that enhance the interaction between legal firms and courts. His work is a testament to his enduring commitment to evolving the legal landscape, from access to justice initiatives like SimpleCase to influencing policy and practice through his involvement in key industry events and publications. Noah’s journey reflects a career dedicated to transforming the judicial system, positioning him as a leading figure in the realm of legal technology.